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Pain Management

Pain Management

  • Janu Pichu(treatment for the knee joints in conditions where there is mild intermittent pain)
  • Spinal massage(Therapy for your spine and back muscles to relieve pain and stiffness)
  • Abhyanga with pottali Sweda(comprises fomentation done using medicated herbs/powders, effective in joint pain & other musculoskeletal conditions)
  • Abhyanga Pariseka(strengthens muscles, rejuvenates the tissue good for inflammatory pains)
  • Janu Basti for Knee (helps in reducing pain and swelling. It helps in strengthening joint & ligaments, useful in degenerative arthritis & non-specific arthritis. It is suitable for maintenance of optimum joints functions to reduce over use injury)
  • Kati Basti for Back(decreases inflammation, strengthens the low back muscles, relieves strains & pain due to bad posture, overweight, spondylosis & other spinal disorders)
  • Greeva Basti¬† for Neck ( treatment for the disorder of the cervical region indicated in painful conditions & relives stiffness in the neck, shoulder, lubricates joints & strengthens the muscles & ligaments)