Ayurvedic dermatology is vastly used to treat a vast array of skin problems. Irrespective of the skin concern a person is suffering from; psoriasis, acne, or dermatitis, the ayurvedic skin doctor has a solution for it. Ayurveda is an age-old Indian Medical System that is counted for balancing the symptoms of illness and the body. The three primary Ayurveda components run inclusive of lifestyle alternations, a healthy and balanced diet followed by alternative medicines. Some of the alternative medicines are Ayurvedic spices and herbs.

What is the Primary Objective of an Ayurvedic Skin Specialist?

The primary goal of every Ayurvedic skin specialist is to improve the person’s overall well-being by treating their particular skin concerns at the same time. Skin experts around the world believe in helping various people with different skin conditions.

Ayurveda Dermatology: Does it Work?

Ayurvedic is an Indian ancient medicine that dates back to 5,000 years ago in the Vedic culture. Dermatology refers to a branch of medicine that deals with hair, nails, and skin-related diseases. The Ayurvedic philosophy believes that our body can be segregated into three Doshas or layers:

The three layers are a state of flux constantly inside human bodies. We suffer from disorders when there thee three forces, Ayurvedic skin doctor uses Ayurvedic principles to diagnose and cure various skin disorders. These offer a holistic experience that enhances your immunity, boosts your mental health, and helps you with stress management.

Ayurveda counts on different natural remedies to keep a balance between yoga, meditation, exercise, and diet. Ayurvedic treatments can include ashwagandha, turmeric, massage oils, and herbs.

How is Ayurveda Helpful in Curing Skin Diseases?

Skin diseases are outcomes of personal and environmental factors. Ayurveda is the most traditional medicine form which is still in use. It can help you by counting on various natural remedies to cure your skin. It can help you with different problems:

Skin diseases can trigger different things but one of the most standard reasons is environmental factors like sun’s rays and pollution. The use of natural remedies for skin problems is a practice that is widely believed in Ayurvedic culture.

Skin Problems That Ayurveda Can Treat Effective

Some of the common skin concerns, that Ayurveda can treat are given below:


Acne happens when the pores are clogged or because of bacteria. Such factors can result in inflammation or excess production of oil. An ayurvedic skin specialist can help you find a solution to this problem. It remedies the body’s balance hormones, besides regulating the skin’s oil production to reduce acne’s inflammation.

Dry Skin

Dry skin refers to a condition that most people face. This condition is often triggered by insufficient production of natural oil by the skin sells. When the skin cells don’t absorb natural oil sufficiently, it can also cause dry skin. Finding balance within your body is the traditional healing method for this skin problem.


The inflammation of the skin is referred to as eczema. Ayurveda has a natural cure for this skin condition. Its holistic approach to healing eczema includes cleansing of mind and body. It also includes lifestyle changes, herbs, supplements, exercise, and healthy dirt.

Sparsh Varshan is a dedicated team focused on finding you solutions for various skin problems through Ayurvedic remedies. The team offers treatment for the skin condition only after taking into account the patient’s lifestyle. The clinic brings a holistic approach to curing skin conditions including changing eating habits and balancing mind and body.

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