According to the ancient herbal subject Ayurveda, stress on the mind and body is one of the primary reasons for all the problems. Whether you have issues with your physical health, mental health, social, or anything else, without peace of mind, you cannot enjoy all the good things happening in your life. No matter how healthy your body may be or how many assets you have by your side, you can’t see all these things around you until you don’t feel like enjoying them. That’s where stress management treatment comes to your rescue. So, when we talk of stress management, Ayurveda is one thing that brings a beautiful perspective to it. However, in order to understand it better, we have to explore the contextual understanding of stress and its humanitarian response. Let’s study the subject of stress management with Ayurveda in detail. 

What is Stress? Effects & Causes

In literal words, stress is a feeling of emotional and physical tension. While it may start easily, it can lead to various mental health conditions when it gets overwhelming. Usually, stress comes up because of the bad situations in our life that make us feel frustrated, worried or sometimes angry as well. Our bodies’ response to challenging circumstances and challenges is stress. Even though it’s best to avoid stressful situations, little periods of stress can actually improve our ability to concentrate and achieve deadlines in minor emergencies. Let’s examine the main sources of stress and how it might impact our life in order to gain a better understanding of it: 

Causes of Stress

Here are a few common causes of stress: 

Effect Of Stress: 

Stress can put your health in worrisome situations and can lead to ill effects on your body. Here are some common symptoms you can look out for. 

Types of Stress: 

Depending on the cause and effects, stress can be of various types. Let’s talk about the different types of stress. 

Acute Stress: Acute stress is something that is the body’s natural reaction to a fresh problem or challenge. It happens to everyone, and you might have noticed how when you face a new tricky challenge. You may feel the need for a quick break to take a long breath and think with sanity. Acute stress is not something that you would keep thinking about.

Chronic Stress: When a person experiences significant stress over an extended length of time, chronic stress develops. Numerous factors, ranging from toxic relationships to the loss of a loved one, can cause chronic stress. Chronic stress can cause physical health issues such as digestion issues, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety, cardiovascular illnesses, depression, and excessive exhaustion.

Ayurveda For Stress And Anxiety 

As per Ayurveda, the stress levels in our body are governed by three energies the doshas Vata, pitta, and Kapha. The amount of negative and positive stress in an individual’s body depends on these energy levels. It suggests that most individuals have a bi-doshic constitution in their bodies. These doshas can influence their overall mental well-being. 

Vata Dosha: This dosha can maximise our intuitive power, unlock our creativity and originality, and assist our quick thinking. People who have a dominant Vata dosha may experience situations in life that cause them anxiety. When dosha levels rise, one may experience fear, anxiety, insomnia, isolation, etc.

Pitta Dosha: Pitta dosha supports our willpower, intelligence, competitiveness, and self-assurance. As these dosha levels rise, people may feel more irate, impatient, frustrated, or incompetent. Additionally, the Pitta dosha can be aggravated by perspiration, heartburn, diarrhoea, and hypertension.

Kapha Dosha: Strength, stability, and dependability are attributes of Kapha energy. People with a dominant Kapha may frequently show stubbornness and resistance to change in normally uncomfortable situations. High levels of stress may result from this. For those whose main dosha is Kapha, stress might manifest as comfort eating, lack of drive, exhaustion, laziness, etc.

Ayurvedic medicine has a wide range of remedies and ingredients that are very helpful in stress management. You can trust a good reputable stress management centre to get access to the best ayurvedic treatment and supplements that will help you deal with stress and anxiety. It can be difficult to confront and get through the stress. Ayurveda provides a wide range of effective techniques and treatments that could eventually reduce tension and promote mental relaxation. We covered Ayurveda and stress reduction in this blog. All in all, stress management is a crucial subject we need to discuss more often, and with the help of Ayurveda, we can manage it all.

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