Ayurveda is the most trusted and classic way of recuperating, as mentioned by the five centuries-old Vedic texts detailing health. That such ancient medicine is still being used in the present days is proof that people still hold wisdom when it comes to achieving a wholesale and happy life. Of all other Ayurveda principles, Panchakarma is one such rejuvenation process offered at the panchakarma treatment centre that can help you start afresh.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment
Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment

Understanding the Concept of Panchakarma

Panchkarma rules out the impurity buildup from the body-mind physiology. Primarily considered a detoxification program, Pancha in Sanskrit translates to five and karma refers to action. Panchakarma means the five different rejuvenating and purifying procedures present in Ayurveda. Panchakarma is of great help in the present era, owing to the rise in environmental hazards, stress and poor diet.

How Long Do You Have to Spare for Panchakarma Program?

A panchakarma program happens for several days in an ayurvedic panchakarma centre. The procedures allow significant time to both rest and process the entire experience. Every step present in the program is meaningful and is used to restore the innate healing power of your body. Your body can efficiently self-cleanse itself and is properly equipped to eliminate waste via different channels like:

While you might think the purpose of panchakarma in your body, despite its ability to detoxify. Its importance lies in maintaining your body and keeping it going for several years. It ensures the smooth functioning of your body and makes you feel both energized and healthy.

Modern and Traditional Panchakarma

Just like any other element that has been present for a long time, panchakarma has evolved over the years. However, its modes have changed throughout the country. For little understanding, panchakarma therapy offered at the panchakarma treatment centre is composed of five classical elements:

Some of the above-mentioned treatments underwent modifications for different reasons. Present day panchakarma program will run inclusive of the following:

How is the Panchakarma Treatment Designed?

The therapeutic procedures are still based on the five actions whereas the effects are long-lasting and powerful. The program is designed using the detoxification channels of your body. However, the treatment at the ayurvedic panchakarma centre is focused on facilitating stress release apart from the healing of your body. Panchakarma continues to be a powerful journey in the healing procedure.

What are the Major Signs that You Can Benefit from the Panchakarma Treatment?

If you face any of the given-below symptoms, then you are likely to reap benefits from the panchakarma treatment:

Based on the ayurvedic panchakarma treatment, the program might differ slightly. The treatment however at Sparsh Varshan is always under the vigilance of an Ayurvedic consultant. Such Panchakarma programs are specialized and customized to suit your mind-body constitution.

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